Diversity & Inclusion

  • Fast-Growing

    As a fast-growing company, our new employee recruitment has peaked at over 400 on a yearly basis over the last 5 years. We encourage mutual growth of employees and the company.

    Fast-Growing Young Company Fast-Growing Young Company
    indicator of young enterprise
    Year R&D Manufacturing Engineering Quality Staff
    2011 5 30 20 30 30
    2014 30 200 100 110 60
    2017 100 700 300 700 200
    2020 400 1,100 350 600 350
    2022 500 1,800 500 1,000 600
  • Global Experts

    We are recruiting core talent in each occupational field on a yearly basis and are carrying out training programs.

    Global Experts person Global Experts person
  • Women-friendly

    40% of our employees at Samsung Biologics are women. We have been recognized as a “Best Family-Friendly Management” company by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Affairs for 8 consecutive years. Active recruitment of women will be the key to improve our future.

    Female Employees : 40% Female Employees : 40%



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