What We Value

Who we want
  • Talent with vision and goals well-aligned with those of the organization
  • Those who consistently strive to pursue collective intelligence through effective collaboration
  • Globally-minded, goal-driven employees armed with passion who are able to maximize their performance by leveraging their expertise
Business DNA
  • Quality

  • Compliance

  • Safety

  • Cost

  • Agility

Bio Behavior
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
    & Ownership
  • Passion
  • Execution
  • Teamwork
Bio Credo
  • 1

    Guarantee top-notch quality in both products and processes

  • 2

    Ensure rigorous compliance with all laws and GMP regulations

  • 3

    Identify and address risk factors preemptively

  • 4

    Deliver optimal performance and value by maximizing cost-efficiency

  • 5

    Approach and manage tasks with speed and accuracy in mind at all times

  • 6

    Develop a global mindset with high English proficiency and deep industry expertise

  • 7

    Ensure full commitment to work while assuming responsibility and ownership

  • 8

    Strive to perform to the best of one's ability and never giving up until the end

  • 9

    Make sure to put plans into action and walk the talk

  • 10

    Maximize collective intelligence through cross-functional interaction and collaboration



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