Samsung Biologics fulfills our social roles and responsibilities as a CDMO company in the biologics industry by practicing legal and ethical compliance-oriented management principles and abiding by all applicable laws. To that end, we have a robust Compliance Program, which is the most fundamental aspect of fulfilling our company’s social responsibilities. Through our education and system organization, we ensure compliance becomes the basis of all business activities and decision-making. In addition, our Compliance Program addresses management risks stemming from infringement of intellectual property rights, as well as strengthening our responsibility on the issues of human rights, safety, health, and the environment. We promote compliance with the laws to support our sustainable growth into a world-class company.

Compliance Program

  • Overview

    Our Compliance Program (CP) is composed of ongoing and integrated systems and activities, aimed at protecting the company and its employees and preventing/minimizing legal risks by requiring its employees to comply with laws and regulations when performing related tasks. of relevant laws and regulations by our employees.

    Overview Overview
  • Compliance
    Program Execution

    Compliance Program (CP) activities of Samsung Biologics are executed by our management through the following process :
    The establishment of CP standard procedures → Execution of education → Inspection and monitoring → Evaluation and reporting.
    The Legal & Compliance Management Department establishes and provides CP regulations, detailed guidelines, action standards, and manuals to employees. The department promotes legal compliance by continuous education and monitoring on daily basis. Additionally, it receives inquiries and reports regarding issues and concerns on the compliance of relevant laws and regulations by its employees.

    Compliance Program Compliance Program
  • Key CP Policies

    Compliance practice for each category include: protection of confidential information, observance of fair trade, prevention of corruption, maintenance of environmental safety, protection of intellectual property, safeguard of information security, and protection of personal information.

Legal Compliance Management Action Standard

The staff and executives of Samsung Biologics fully recognize the importance of compliance management. Samsung Biologics complies with all applicable laws and internal regulations, accomplishing the objectives including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Action
    1. Healthy Organizational Culture

    We will respect the dignity and diversity of individual staff and executives, and comply with the laws related to personnel management.

    2. Fair Competition

    We will respect the free and fair market economic order and comply with the fair trade laws.

    3. Working together with Subcontractors

    We will work with cooperative companies as partners in business and not abuse our bargaining power.

    4. Anti-Corruption

    We will not improperly acquire business opportunities or receive benefits.

    5. Accounting and Public Announcements

    We will accurately record financial information according to internationally recognized accounting standards, and we will sincerely notify the public of required corporate information and important issues.

    6. Confidential Information and Intellectual Property

    We will protect confidential information and intellectual property rights.

    7. Personal Information

    We will protect personal information.

    8. Safety, Health, and Environment

    We will preserve the health and safety of our workers, the public, and the environment.

  • Reports

    For questions or comments regarding the legal & compliance management of Samsung Biologics, please send them to the address below:

    Legal & Compliance Team, Compliance Manager, Samsung Biologics, 300, Songdo bio-daero, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 21987, Republic of Korea



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