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Samsung Biologics offers advanced CGMP facilities providing safe and reliable clinical and commercial biologics. All processes are CGMP-compliant and meet the standards defined by regulatory authorities. Our dedication to quality and optimized services are visible in everything we do from clinical to commercial production.

Large Scale

As the world’s largest CDMO by production capacity, we can offer the large-scale commercial manufacturing of drug substance in multiple scales and capacity. The downstream suites are equipped with chromatography skids, columns, UF/DF skids, virus filtration skids, and Grade A bulk filling capacity, as well as product pool vessel capacities from 200 liters to 15,000 liters to handle a wide range of pool volumes.

Small Scale

Equipped with a wide range of bioreactor sizes as well as new manufacturing technology, we offer multiple CGMP manufacturing facilities to deliver the production volumes required by our clients at any given time. Our small-scale manufacturing facility has the same best-in-class characteristics and equipment as our large-scale plants, featuring stainless steel and single-use bioreactors at 1,000 liter scale, and one purification suite with pre- and post-viral segregation.

Multiples Scales, Multiple Capacities,
to fit various processes for any production volume

Plant 130,000L
5K x6 Stainless steel 5K x6 Stainless steel
Plant 2154,000L
15K x10 Stainless steel, 1K x2 single-use, 1K x2 Stainless steel 15K x10 Stainless steel, 1K x2 single-use, 1K x2 Stainless steel
Plant 3180,000L
15K x12 1* Stainless steel 15K x12 1* Stainless steel, Plant 4 2 ** 240,000L 15K x12 Stainless steel, 10K x6 3*** Stainless steel
Plant 4 240,000L
15K x12 Stainless steel, 10K x6 Stainless steel 3***
Plant 5 **180,000L
15K x12 Stainless steel 15K x12 Stainless steel



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