• Financial Support
    for Healthcare

    To guarantee the wellness of our employees and their families, we provide financial support for medical check-ups and treatments for all employees.

    Financial Support for Healthcare Financial Support for Healthcare
  • Bio Clinic and

    We provide an in-house clinic and pharmacy for emergency care and treatment.

    Bio Clinic and Pharmacy Bio Clinic and Pharmacy
  • Bio Fitness Center

    We provide an in-house fitness center along with personal training programs provided by professional trainers.

    Bio Fitness Center Bio Fitness Center
  • Bio Healing Lounge
    Mom’s Lounge
    Women/Men’s Lounge

    We provide a Bio Healing Lounge for the well-being of our employees, The Moms’ Lounge is for our female employees on Maternity Protection, and a women and men’s lounge for our employees when they need to take a rest.

    Bio Healing Lounge Mom’s Lounge Women/Men’s Lounge Bio Healing Lounge Mom’s Lounge Women/Men’s Lounge
  • Selective Welfare

    We offer an annual cash benefit worth 1,000,000 KRW to assist with our employees’ growth and personal interests such as their hobbies, health, and travelling.

    Selective Welfare System Selective Welfare System
  • Bio Garden Cafeteria

    We offer a wide selection of healthy and international meals at no extra cost.

    Bio Garden Cafeteria Bio Garden Cafeteria
  • Bio Service Area

    We have a centralized service area consisting of a convenience store, business service center, self-service laundry, and mobile shop.

    Bio Service Area Bio Service Area
  • Bio-Dream Park Day
    Care Center

    We provide on-site day care for our working parents.

    Bio-Dream Park Day Care Center Bio-Dream Park Day Care Center
  • Resorts and
    Recreational Centers

    We offer access to various resorts and recreation centers that are affiliated with Samsung.

    Resorts and Recreational Centers Resorts and Recreational Centers
  • Support for
    School Expenses

    We financially support our employees’ children for their tuition from kindergarten through to university.

    Support for School Expenses Support for School Expenses
  • Best Family

    Samsung Biologics was first recognized as a “Best Family-Friendly Management” company by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Affairs on December of 2015 and since that first recognition has maintained the title for 5 consecutive years.

    The award is given to those companies that implement specific policies that encourage their employees to balance their work with their family lives.

    Best Family-Friendly Management Best Family-Friendly Management



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