Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global corporation, Samsung Biologics believes in giving back to the local community through employee volunteers and contributing to the social wellness and growth of the environment in which we live.

  • Scholarship
    and Mentoring
    Scholarship and Mentoring Program for Students in Need A Scholarship and Mentoring

    Since 2014, Samsung Biologics has been supporting students, who face financial difficulties, through the Incheon Talented Student Cultivation Foundation to nurture their dreams and help them develop as global leaders. Starting from 2016, Samsung Biologics has been providing the Bio Dream Plus Scholarship to students in need. In addition to scholarship, we introduce the biopharmaceutical industry and provide career counseling to the scholars.

    A Scholarship and Mentoring
  • Medical Support
    Supporting Medical Costs for the Underprivileged Supporting Medical Costs for the Underprivileged Social Classes

    Since 2013, Samsung Biologics has implemented a project to support the medical expenses of underprivileged neighbors in local communities that suffer from various diseases to lessen their economic and mental burden. Since 2015, we have been able to expand the project by reaching an agreement with four institutions in Incheon City.

    Supporting Medical Costs for the Underprivileged Social Classes
  • Contributing to Society through Volunteer Service
    Community Services Led by the Company’s Volunteer Employees csr_cont2

    For some time now, Samsung Biologics has been building a close relationship with the local community by installing convenient facilities for bicycles and bus stations within Songdo. We have also participated in setting up a social safety network, by installing detectors for senior citizens who suffer from Alzheimer’s to prevent them from wandering into any dangerous situations. The company’s volunteer organization continues to actively participate in community service.

    Love for the local community



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