Safety ∙ Health ∙ Environment Management

Samsung Biologics is committed to operating an ESH Management System in a manner that prevents environment, safety, and health (ESH) accidents and incidents to ensure the safety of employees.

ESH 경영시스템 (안전·보건·환경 시스템 운영, 전 구성원 참여 운영, 자율신천 문화 장착) ESH 경영시스템 (안전·보건·환경 시스템 운영, 전 구성원 참여 운영, 자율신천 문화 장착)

ESH Policy

Goal & Approach

Samsung Biologics is committed to leading a sustainable society by establishing a safe and pleasant workplace and contributing to protecting the environment in order to protect the entire workforce, customers, and the community based on respect for human life and dignity. We consider environment, safety, and health as our top priority in all decisions and ensure this policy is thoroughly executed.

Scope of Application

Samsung Biologics carries out safety environment policies across our business management areas. Our entire workforce, partners engaged in various business relationship, joint venture and acquisitions, individual contractors supervised by the company and all related stakeholders are subject to the ESH policy.

Health & Safety Management Policies

1. Health & Safety Management System

  • (1) Samsung Biologics operates goals and monitoring systems to improve the performance of the health and safety management system under the supervision of the board and CEO.
  • (2) Samsung Biologics convenes Industrial Health and Safety Committee meetings four times a year, which is a labor management consultative body on the topic of health and safety. All health and safety-related agenda that are subject to Committee-level deliberation and resolution are disclosed to the entire workforce.
  • (3) Samsung Biologics runs a working-level organization of safety environment team dedicated to securing employees’ occupational safety, minimizing risks, and realizing health and safety management under the ESH policy. The team is assigned with following roles and responsibilities with regards to Samsung Biologics’ safety management.
    • A. Implement regular safety risk evaluation on the application scope of the policy.
    • B. Improvement actions of safety risks and harmful & hazardous factors
    • C. Monitor the health and safety management system.
    • D. Continuously improve the control system in line with the domestic and international industrial safety and health trends.

2. Implementation of Health & Safety

  • - The management shall acknowledge the value of health and safety and lead by example by setting them as the top priority goals.
  • - Samsung Biologics shall establish and execute a stringent health and safety management system which includes compliance with domestic and international regulations and international standards, and collective agreements and the operation of health and safety programs to prevent accidents.
  • - In order to foster a healthy and safe work environment, Samsung Biologics shall guarantee the discussion of safety environment activities and participation of the entire workforce, identify every health and safety risk factor, and improve them continuously.
  • - In order to reduce health and safety risks and eradicate risk factors, Samsung Biologics shall build prioritized execution plans and set quantitative targets and implement accordingly.
  • - Samsung Biologics shall continuously improve the health and safety management system, identify and provision resources required for the improvement.
  • * Zero-accident in the workplaces & 100% completed the mandatory safety trainings.
Environment Management Policy

1. Environment Management Policy

  • (1) Samsung Biologics operates goals and monitoring systems to improve the performance of the environment management system under the supervision of the board and CEO.
  • (2) Samsung Biologics runs a working-level organization of environment group dedicated to analyzing the environmental impact of our business activities, minimizing the environment pollutions, and improving environment performance. The group is assigned with following roles and responsibilities with regards to Samsung Biologics’ environment management.
    • A. Run regular environmental risk evaluations
    • B. Disclose environment performance and target implementation status
    • C. Monitor the environment management system
    • D. Continuously revise the management system in line with domestic and international environment regulatory trends.

2. Environment Management Execution

  • - Samsung Biologics will establish an environmental management system for the entire value chain of our company, conduct regular diagnosis, establish and implement countermeasures to continuously improve environmental performance.
  • - Samsung Biologics shall comply with domestic and international environmental regulations, and establish and implement Samsung Biologics' own environmental management system that is stricter than legal requirements.
  • - Samsung Biologics shall lead a sustainable future by continuously improving the reduction of environmental pollutants and improving environmental performance every year through the operation of the environmental management system.

    [Quantitative Target]

    • Reduce Scope 1, 2 GHG emissions and Scope 3 emissions by 54.3% and 25.7% respectively by 2026 compared to those of 2021
    • Achieve 90% of resource circulation rate for zero waste certification in 2025
  • - We provide regular training programs for employees to understand the environmental impact of our business and to check the internal environmental management direction and execution plan.
  • - We contribute to creating an eco-friendly corporate culture by actively participating in and supporting programs for environmental improvement in the local community.
Communications & Disclosure
  • - Samsung Biologics will implement the Board of Directors deliberation/approval procedures when establishing and changing ESH policies for health, safety, and environment (ESH) risk management.
  • - In order to share our safety and environment management system and performance with all stakeholders, we will disclose related contents and target implementation status on our website and ESG report.

Based on above guidelines, Samsung Biologics recognizes the importance of occupational health and safety and prevent accidents and ensure a safe work environment through employees’ participation and voluntary execution.

Chief Saftety Officer Kun Lo

June 2022

Samsung Biologics operates ISO 45001 (Safety & Health Management System), ISO 14001 (Environment Management System), and ISO 50001 (Energy Management System), while abiding by international and local regulations and client requests.
  • ISO 45001 Safety & Health
    Management System

    ISO 45001 certificate ISO 45001 certificate Download
  • ISO 14001 Environment
    Management System

    ISO 14001 certificate ISO 14001 certificate Download
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management

    ISO 50001 certificate ISO 50001 certificate Download
  1. 1. Strengthening ESH Management System
    • - Comply with local and international regulations and agreements on safety, health, environment, and energy.
    • - Develop and implement internal processes and procedures to mitigate business risks and identify opportunities, while increasing the quality of the work environment.
    • - Train employees to understand and implement ESH considerations into all areas of operation.
    • - Share ESH performance with all stakeholders.
  2. 2. Establishing a Safe & Healthy Workplace
    • - Drive proactive safety management to establish an incident-free workplace through targeted safety and health risk reduction techniques.
    • - Protect employees and communities from external hazards such as natural disasters, fires, and contagious diseases.
    • - Maintain an emergency response system for business continuity.
  3. 3. Minimizing Environmental Impact
    • - Reduce environmental pollutants, chemical emissions, waste generation, and energy/water use throughout the business, while prioritizing recycling initiatives.
    • - Communicate continuous climate change efforts to stakeholders.
    • - Invest in conservation programs that positively impact the local community.



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